Assist with travel and transport

Everybody deserves to participate in activities they’re passionate about. Unfortunately, if you struggle to use regular public transport, this can severely limit your options. As such, we are dedicated to providing a diverse range of safe, convenient vehicles that help you participate in the activities of your choice.

This service can provide travel assistance for holidays, community and social events, education providers such as schools or universities, shopping centres, and other places of your choice.

  • Assist with travel and transport
    • The vehicles we use are 100% designed for your safety at all times, and our caring, patient support workers will make sure to drive you safely to and from your destination.

      We can also provide public transport assistance, including helping with travel aids and equipment, and offering public transport training.

      Ultimately, our goal is to reduce your stress about daily travel, and help open up a wider range of potential activities for you to choose from.