Daily living and life skills

As part of our core mission to maintain your independence, we offer specialized, skill-based services that helps you undertake your daily tasks, easily.

The support offered can be done so in your home or within your community. Through this service, we enable our NDIS participants to live life exactly the way they want to. Depending on whether you need support for a few hours in a day or need assistance throughout the day, our services can cater to all your needs.

  • Daily living and life skills
    • A few aspects that we cover as part of this service are:

      Helping you attend medical appointments

      Maintaining your health and well being

      Help you budget your expenses

      Assistance with grocery runs

      Providing assistance with household chores like meal preps, cleaning and other domestic tasks that needs attention.

      Each service offered will be based on what you need and what best suits your lifestyle.