Group activities

We are passionate about helping you become an active, social member of your community. With our help, many of our clients have successfully forged a strong social group, and our passionate support workers are keen to connect you with peers, mentors, and activities that inspire and stimulate you.

As part of this service, we help you find appropriate social activities that are in line with your goals and needs. From there, we can accompany and support you at events such as library visits, theatre shows, holidays or short trips, and personal development courses and classes.

  • Group activities
    • We also provide coaching and training you with social skills, with the ultimate goal of helping you build strong connections and relationships with other members of your community.

      By finding other people who share your hobbies and passions, we can help you establish a strong peer network.

      Our objective in helping you participate in your community is to boost your levels of self-esteem and happiness.

      We hope to help you lead the social, purposeful life you have always dreamed of.