Life stages assistance

An important aspect of the National Disability Insurance Scheme is access to control and choice in every aspect of the NDIS delivery process. At Greater Northern Community Service, we truly believe in offering maximum control and choice to each of our NDIS participants at every step of the way. The idea is to ensure you are comfortable and happy with the advice and services offered by us. Right from helping you source the information you need regarding your NDIS scheme to offering you the choice of picking the best path to achieve you goals, we allow our clients complete ownership over the process.

  • Life stages assistance
    • As part of our service, we offer help with budgeting, setting up payments and offering other ongoing support that is required.

      Assistance with coordinating and managing different life stages entails both long term and short term support.

      The focus of this service lies on strengthening the NDIS participant’s ability to coordinate their support, while assisting them to live independently.

      Our services also ensure a seamless integration of participants within their local community.