Maintain employment or higher education

At Greater Northern Community Services, our core mission is to help you lead a fulfilled, enriched and purposeful life. We help you achieve your goals and live the life that you dream of. In line with this objective, one of our major service offerings is assistance with gaining and maintaining employment and education for all our NDIS participants.


  • Maintain employment or higher education
    • We offer all the assistance you need to develop a new skill to maintain your employment or help you find gainful employment that matches your skill set. Alternatively we help support your aspirations of pursuing your education or upskilling yourself in a way that supports your larger goal. This includes support with formal education, formal training, open employment, work experience, volunteer work or employment in an Australian Disability Enterprise.

      We take into account your goals and aspirations, determine the best course of action for you and help you get all the support to pursue the set path and to see your goals and ambitions come true.