Participate in community

Our Community Participation programs are designed to help you achieve your goals and live independently. We aim to improve lives by providing access to various resources and services that can enhance your community participation experience. Imagine spending your time engaging in activities that are truly meaningful to you. With our assistance, it’s possible! Our program offers access to a range of community activities for NDIS participants.
Some options include:

  • Participate in community
    • Sports clubs and fitness classes

      Accessible and inclusive sports clubs and fitness classes are a great way for participants to build their physical fitness, social skills, and self-confidence. Many sports clubs and fitness classes are tailored to the needs of people with disability and can offer modified activities and equipment to ensure everyone can participate.


      Volunteering is a great way for participants to contribute to their communities and develop new skills. Volunteering opportunities can be found in a range of sectors, such as aged care, animal welfare, or environmental conservation. Volunteering can also provide a pathway to employment, as participants can gain work experience and build their resumes.

      Community events

      Community events such as festivals, fairs, and markets can provide opportunities for participants to connect with their local community, meet new people, and have fun. These events are often accessible and inclusive, with ramps, interpreters, and other supports available to ensure everyone can participate.

      We take pride in helping our participants, and our staff members are dedicated professionals who understand the challenges individuals with disabilities face every day. We are committed to employing best practices and delivering exceptional service, and we’re passionate about helping participants lead full, independent lives.