Positive Behaviour Support in Melbourne We Are NDIS Specialists And Provide Services For Adults With Disability

What is positive behaviour support (PBS)?

Sometimes, those living with a disability may have complex support needs, exhibiting behaviours that put themselves or others at risk. These challenging behaviours may be outside of family members’ or carers’ scopes, meaning that it can be difficult to give them the support they need. This can in turn place more stress and concern on families, impacting their daily lives and their relationships.

The positive behaviour support framework is a contemporary evidence-based practice that aims to reduce behaviours of concern and replace these with more helpful behaviours that improve a person’s quality of life. This is a proactive approach, focusing on skill building and creating positive relationships, rather than responsive.

Challenging behaviour is more often than not an attempt to cope with an unsuitable environment or facilitate communication, which is why our program focuses on identifying and understanding these behaviours before helping develop new ones. This leads to better outcomes and quality of life for our clients.

We can connect you with a specialist behaviour support practitioner that will oversee your assessment and work with you to develop a behaviour support plan. We take a person-centred approach, creating individualised strategies tailored to your needs.

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Melbourne registered behaviour support practitioners

NDIS behaviour support practitioners like us have been vetted by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission to undertake behaviour support assessments (e.g. functional behaviour assessments) and create relevant behaviour support plans. This means that we are fully qualified to provide a quality positive behaviour support program for our clients, ensuring their human rights are looked after at all times.

We follow the evidence-based approach outlined by the NDIS to ensure that we can provide the best service and help our clients achieve their goals. We assist with addressing behaviours of concern and building the required skills to communicate and live fulfilling lives.

Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds, have a number of different disabilities, and can be any age, from children to older adults.

You can find out more about the PBS Capability Framework here or speak to one of our experts by calling 1300 228 311.

Do you use restrictive practices?

A restrictive practice can be an environment or action that limits a person’s ability to move freely.

According to the NDIS commission, restrictive practices may only be used if included in a client’s Positive Behaviour Support Plan and approved by the Victorian Senior Practitioner. There are five types of restrictive practices that are regulated in Victoria: physical restraint, environmental restraint, chemical restraint, mechanical restraint, and seclusion.

We believe in using restrictive practices only as a last resort to reduce harm to our clients or others. Wherever possible, we will implement strategies that promote our clients’ strengths/skills and aim to address any factors that may have an impact, such as their environment or health. This allows us to take a prevention-focused approach that has greater long-term results.

Supporting people with disabilities is our main focus and we value our clients’ dignity and independence above all else.

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