At Greater Northern Community Services, the services offered are done so keeping your needs and lifestyle in mind. Our initial consultation comprises understanding your current situation, assessing the obstacles you face and mapping a way to help you lead the life you envision for yourself.

Through our services, you can find assistance with doing daily tasks, upskilling yourself to gain employment, integrate within your local community, pick up a hobby you have always wanted to and so much more. Based on your initial consultation with us, we offer you solutions that can help you lead a fulfilled life.

The solutions offered are implemented and done so with your consent. If at any point you feel something is not working or requires a change, our team of experts will ensure your needs are catered to. At every step of the way, we ensure you are happy with the advice offered, services provided and consultation done. You and your needs are what we want to cater to.

An independent life can be so fulfilling and we understand that. With our services and in-house experts, we can make independence a reality for you. Together, we can achieve all the dreams and goals you have set for yourself.