Shared living arrangements

Shared living refers to a housing arrangement where people with disability share a home with one or more support workers or a group of like-minded individuals. This means that people with disability can live in a home-like environment with the added support they require to maintain their daily living independence while enjoying the freedom and privacy that comes with a shared living agreement.

At GNCS, we offer shared living services that are tailored to the specific needs and goals of each individual with disability. We work closely with participants and families to determine the preferred living arrangements and the type of support required. Our highly experienced and trained support workers provide the highest level of care and support to ensure that the needs of the participant are met and that they have an enriched quality of life.

  • Shared living arrangements
    • Through our shared living services, individuals with disability have access to essential supports such as personal care, transportation, meal preparation, medication management, and other assistance necessary to enable their participation in the community. Shared living is an effective and valuable option for individuals with disability seeking accommodation support through the NDIS. As an experienced and accredited disability service provider, GNCS offers tailored and comprehensive support services that enable participants to reach their full potential in a safe, inclusive, and comfortable environment.